Double Parking

AO: The Bridge

When: 2024-02-02

QIC: Potter (Matt Rowand)

PAX (10): Animal, Birdie, Butterknife, Fuzzy Dice, Gasleak, Hackeysack, Half-Dozen, Pigtails, Scrooge


On tap for this brisk Friday morning (thankfully no rain and a pleasant 40 deg) was a parking deck burner guaranteed to get the blood flowing. I think YHC was a little off my game as the BD was supposed to include a special playlist from Humperdinck.  However, our fearless Site Q was bound by his dad-life duties and a puking 2.0, so we were tuneless.  He was missed, but I did not miss (and I assume neither did the PAX present) having to sing a rendition of "Barbie Girl" or whatever he had on tap.  This BD taught me the following life lessons: (1) YHC should not break the resolution of no gambling (i.e. the house always wins); (2) 4 rounds of progressing rep count ex's/MOT's up a parking deck with a partner takes a long time; (3) we need each other, especially the encouragement of other PAX, to get through the obstacles of life; and (4) play stupid games, win stupid prizes.  This one required a partner, and it was a whole lot easier to get through with a partner that helped through the grind.  I present to you....Double Parking!


Mosey to the bottom level of parking deck.  5 burpees OYO.  10 of each: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Toy Soldiers, Windmill, Weed pickers.

The Thang:

Partner up.  Partner 1 on first parking line.  Parking 2 on second line.  P1 is odd, P2 is even.  P1 starts first Ex with odd reps building rep 1 to rep 19, P2 starts even reps as soon as P1 is done building from 2-20.  As soon as done with first round of reps, P1 MOT's two parking spots, leap frogging P2 as they are completing their reps.  P2 then MOT's two parking spots.  Continue building reps and spots up/across the parking deck up to 20.  Next round is next level of parking deck with P2 now starting odds and P1 on evens.  Continue on to next parking deck until all rounds complete, then back down stairs and 5 burpees at bottom. Round 1.1:
  • Ex: Derkins
  • MOT: Sumo Walk
  • Wait (if you have to for your partner): air chair
Round 1.2:
  • Ex: Jump Squats
  • MOT: Inch Worm
  • Wait: Plank
Round 1.3:
  • Ex: Carolina Drydocks
  • MOT: Broad Jumps
  • Wait: Air Chair
Round 1.4:
  • Ex: Gas Pumper
  • MOT: Bear Crawl
  • Wait: Plank
Round 2.1:
  • Ex: Ranger Merkin
  • MOT: Sumo Walk
  • Wait: Air chair
...and time. There were three rounds planned...way too much.  This was a burner for sure.  Great work PAX.


As we encouraged each other beyond our normal limits in this BD, let's focus on encouraging others (especially our M's and 2.0's) onto greater things.  As men, we are usually criticizing and tearing down (at least YHC), but we need to help push others onto more than they thought they could do otherwise.  I appreciate F3 for giving us that opportunity and seeing other PAX thrive! Announcements: Polar plunge, Barkley 5k

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