Where’s the Q?

AO: Boneyard

When: 02/05/2024

QIC: Mater

PAX (8): Chanel, Dinghy, Jackalope, Shrimp, Speedo, Stifler (Jeff Levy), Stroller


Where of where did our Q go?  No one knows…we’ll have to hire a PI to find out.  Hope he’s alright.


Mosey around the parking lot followed by SSH, Windmill, Weedpickers, World’s Greatest Stretch, and Michael Phelps.  Then mosey to pavilion.

The Thang:

At the pavilion, I led with  7’s, burpees on one side of the pavilion and big boy at the other end with bear crawl in between.

We then mosey’d to the clock tower where Speedo tried something new.  PAX lined up to perform 1 exercise for an entire round w/ first PAX running a full lap around, then swapping w/ 2nd PAX for run while 1st PAX joined in the exercise.  Rinse and repeat until last PAX ran.  First round was Merkins, 2nd round was American Hammers, last round was Monkey Humpers.

Dinghy led (at one point or another) a rolling Jack Webb. 1 Merkin, 4 Air Presses then lunge walk two spots. 2 Merkins, 8 Air Presses, Lunge walk… Anonymous testimony over slack: “they were terrible”.

Then mosey’d to the playground where Stroller had us perform a circuit of 10 Burpee Step ups, 10 Swerkins, and 10 Squats.  Did this a few times and then mosey’d back to the flag for some mary.


Info about posting/Q’ing at other AO’s…look on Slack for details.  Prizes awarded to top 5 PAX.

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