Avoid the Hurkle-Durkle and can we run on 92?

AO: Hogwallow

When: 2024-01-18

QIC: Scar

PAX (13): aflac, Backside, Bear, Boomstick, Grouch, Meltdown, Raider, Rooster, SCREECH, Squeegee, Washout, Yankee


With warmer temperatures, a guaranteed 9.00 minute conversational pace and a rolling course I expect a good showing from all the pickle ball players, 5km enthusiasts and zone 2 athletes. You know who you are!


None, start running

The Thang:

Was supposed to be 6 rights and 5 lefts, but this group goes off script every time. Some grumblings about running on 92 in the dark and early morning, they were just ignored. Everyone made it back.


Prayers for Roosters feisty Grandmother dealing with injury right now. Lift up everyone in our circle and be better Men.

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