Cold Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes…and Cops?

AO: Nirvana

When: 2024-01-20

QIC: The Real Woody

PAX (8): Buckshot, MillerTime, Roman, Stu, Sweeper, Tank, turkey


There was a delay in who was going to be QIC this week with the temps dropping into the teens.  YHC decided to step up.  (Kudos to Miller Time for volunteering as well). Here's the deal.  When it's 12 degrees, even though you're moving the entire time, it's just flat cold.  But...let's go!


Sun Gods OYO Michael Phelps OYO SSH x 13 Mtn Climbers x 13 Round of planks for 1 minute Mosey Hillbillies x 13 Toy Soliders x 13 Weedpickers x 13

The Thang:

Start with Morning call - 1 PAX does 5 pullups, the rest do 5 merkins Mosey...pause, circle up and do Captain Thor. (froze my behind) Mosey to main hill: 11s - Decline Merkins on curb/no surrenders at top. (it was so cold, the feet went numb, and so did the knees at the top).

Mosey to stadium & partner up: 1 PAX runs the stadium steps, while partner does following...then switch...squats, hr merkins, burpees, foxholes

(At about this time, the outstanding Milton Protect & Serve Dept pulls up,  calls out to us on the bullhorn to come over and see them). Thanks to Tank for taking the lead!  Someone tripped the alarm at the school...Maybe Jackalope actually showed up and was napping inside? 2nd time the cops have showed up at a Woody BD...perhaps they know the savagery that goes on?! Mosey towards the flag and stop in parking lot.

Bear crawl to every 5th line, do 5 merkins, 5 plank jacks, 5 shoulder taps.  (TCs for Turkey, Roman, and Buckshot for extra credit)

Back to flag: 1 round of reverse LBCs, 1 round of SSH...time.  


Prayers for our PAX fighting illness and other struggles.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a privilege to lead these men.

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