One Year In…

AO: Grindstone

When: 2024-01-19

QIC: Hail Mary

PAX (12): Corn Dog, DirtyMO, Durty Nelly, Hail Mary, jugdish, Omaha, Ridge, Snowman, Spit Valve, Vanna, Cork, Hasel


I started with F3 in January 2023.  Many thanks to SpitValve for his persistent nudging that led me to try a BD.  While the first several BDs left me feeling quite sore, I am glad I continued.  As a gesture to my start with F3, I compiled this Q with exercises that were particularly challenging for me when I first encountered them in a BD.


PAX were assembled a few minutes before 5:30.  It was quite windy.  So we started right at 5:30:00, and kept moving. Mosey from the flag to the top of the parking lot. SSH, IW, WMH  

The Thang:

  1. Mosey to concession stand.  Had to run through, around or over puddles to get there!
  2. Donkey Kicks (15) and CDD (20).  Shoulder Claps to pick up the Six.
  3. Mosey to coupon pile at the Tag Office parking lot.   Pick up a coupon.
  4. Bent Over Rows (15) and  Thrusters (20).  Curls to pick up the Six.
  5. High Knee over to the far corner.
  6. BBSU (15) and Chilli Jacks (20).  High Plank to pick up the Six.
  7. Mosey to the other far corner.
  8. Burpees (15) and Merkins (20).
  9. Mosey to the pavilion.
  10. Step Ups (15) and Box Jumps (20).  Incline Merkins to pick up the Six.
  11. Mosey to the bottom of the curved parking lot.
  12. Run up to the entrance.  Return back.  Repeat.
  13. Go back to station-1 and repeat the sequence.


Vanna's daughter's friend is home after surgery and doing better. BRR is coming up.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

F3 has made a huge impact on me, and certainly hope this is the 1st of many more anniversaries. Many thanks to all the PAX that practice the F3 credo of "Leave No Man Behind. but leave No Man Where You Find Him".   Your efforts make a difference, one PAX at a time.

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