Cold Enough to Freeze the Balls off a Brass Monkey!

AO: Norseman

When: 2024-01-18

QIC: Callahan

PAX (14): Buckshot, Cam's, Chapter 11, Crikey, DeLorean, DirtyMO, Ha-ha, Knight Rider, Matlock, Nacho Libre, Password 123, Shortcake, Tumbleweed


Now that I have your was cold this morning.  17 degrees cold.  And to further explain the "cold enough to knock the balls off a brass monkey" line, here's something straight from the you know it's true! The expression: "It is cold enough to freeze the balls of a brass monkey" comes from the practice of putting iron cannon balls on a dimpled brass plate on the deck of a war-ship. When very cold the brass contracted sufficiently to cause the iron balls to fall out. Consider yourself cultured.  Back to the Thang.  This day was meant for moving...lots of moving.  Too cold to stay in one spot too long, so we embarked on a journey some had never been on.  They'll never be the same.


Parking lot warmup of SSH, imperial walkers, week picks...

The Thang:

Took off towards the softball field and stopped between fields for 20 squats.  Mosey continued out behind the fields to the little track.   Hit up some curb for 20 heel lifts.   Moseyed to the little track where we bear crawled around to the far pavilion then lunge walked back.  20 step ups on the wall.  Mosey continued down the gravel trail to the wall by the far baseball field.  20 dips.  Moseyed to the end of the park where we did 20 Merkins.  Moseyed across the street down past Jethro's old house (moment of silence for Jethro......thank you) and down to Bethany Baptist.  20 more squats.  Mosey back to the end of Jethro's old street for 20 big boy sit ups. Omaha ensued.  Audibled left out toward King's Ridge.  20 Merkins in front of the school and I'm fairly certain we were on a few camera's.  You're welcome KR... Moseyed towards Cambridge and the mosey just kept on going (insert Frogger here) down Cogburn and got 5 burpees, then all the way to the episcopal church.  Quick 20 squats.  Mosey that a beautifully constructed dip area that none of us had ever seen???  It must be shared with friends.  So we did.  20  dips.  Magical.  Moseyed out the back of the lot to the woods.  At this point I heard a few guys say, "anyone know where we actually are...will we get back to the flag by 7:15 since we're so far away from it"???  Little did they know that this old Norseman fart knew exactly where they were.  We went across the new bridge to Crikey's auditorium for 20 Derkins, then moseyed up the hill to the playground pavilion for 10 step ups. that the flag across the'd we get back so quickly??  Stick with us, kids, you'll learn something. Back at the flag by 6:14 and only had one minute for Mary.  Box cutters and LBCs took us to time.  


Great work on a colllld morning!

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