Where is our Coffee Caffey?!?!

AO: Crossroads

When: 2024-01-17

QIC: Hollywood

PAX (4): El Matador, Hollywood, Lefty, Soler


Freezing cold this morning, temp was 10 degrees but felt like zero!  Caffey promised he would bring us all coffee at the Will Park green light on slack last night, so we will see if he shows up!


No warms up's here, running warmed us up from the cold.

The Thang:

Tried to make route easy since it was cold.  Just ran down Broadwell to Rucker and took a left all the way to Wills Park.  NO Caffey anywhere to be seen, typical Caffey.  Maybe it was too cold for him to get out of bed this morning.  We see where we stand with him...   Nice out and back to keep us moving.


Prayers for Caffey's nagging injury, my niece who just got married, for a long life and marriage.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead, and it was great having Soler join us for the first time at Crossroads.  His second workout so far, thanks for joining Soler!

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