Field Goals are Hard

AO: Norseman

When: 2024-01-16

QIC: Chapter 11

PAX (10): Buckshot, Cam's, Chapter 11, DeLorean, Ha-ha, Knight Rider, Matlock, Password 123, Shortcake, Slick


My birthday happened to fall on a Tuesday this year so it was time for a Bday Q - and in perfect Chapter 11 Q fashion, it was cold and rainy. What else would you expect?  


Mosey over to the parking lot for a warm-o-rama of:
  1. SSH
  2. Imperials Walkers
  3. Weed Pickers
  4. Toy Soldiers

The Thang:

One of my favorite things about NFL playoff football is watching teams battle the winter elements, so I decided to create a workout in similar fashion. PAX would be required to kick a field goal from a distance of their choosing (between 10-30 yards). After the kick, we would go four corners around the football field for 30 reps of four different exercises (one exercise at each corner with variations per lap). But reps would be added (for a missed FG) or subtracted (if made) based on the kick! High Risk High Reward! Corner 1 - Legs - Squats - Bonnie Blair's - Monkey Humpers - Fire Hydrants Corner 2 - Chest - Merkins - Mountain Climbers (Alpha) - Ranger Merkins - Plank Jacks Corner 3 - Shoulders - Moroccan night clubs - Carolina Dry Docks - Claps - 30 (+/-) yard Flying Nun Corner 4 - Coupons - Curls - Overhead press - Bent Over Rows - Coupon Flutters (Alpha) Some notes:
  • Password 123 stepped up first at the max distance and promptly shanked the kick, reminiscent of Ohio State in the 2022 Peach Bowl. Much mublechatter from Password123 about a deflate-gate conspiracy.
  • Ha-Ha went the safe rout and opted for the 10-yard field goal but struggled to get it up (which prompted a chorus of "that's what she said.")
  • Shortcake went for 20-yards and put it through off the upright, leading to 20 burpees and MUCH more mublechatter.
  • Most PAX are quite terrible at field goals. #fieldgoalsarehard


  1. Prayers for safe travel Buckshot who is flying out this morning in the winter weather.
  2. Also, my mother is traveling home from Chicago today in the Winter weather, after having been there for a few weeks to take care of her ailing mother (who is in hospice). Prayers appreciated for peace, and decision-making, as she and her brothers navigate difficult end of life care decisions.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

As always, it is really easy to second guess yourself when you have the Q. I woke up this morning around 4:30 to the sound of driving rain, thinking my Q idea would be terrible and I would have to scrap it and make up something lame. And I was also thinking that no PAX would show up in the rain and cold, or they would hate the idea of working out on the football field, rather than under Stu's cozy pavilion. But of course, the PAX did show up in the gloom. And they were game for my crazy field goal idea in the cold and rain. And it was awesome. A great start to the day. And we all got stronger and tougher. Grateful for this group of men to keep me from getting (too) soft and squishy.

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