Dr. Pavlov, I Presume?

AO: Boneyard

When: 2024-01-15

QIC: Dinghy

PAX (13): Bo Knows, Chanel, Dark_Side, DREAMER, FannyPack, Floater, Half-Dozen, Mater, Pigtails, Shrimp, Speedo, Brownie


It had been some time since YHC had Q'd at the Boneyard, so signed up in late December for today. And then the injuries started to pile up. A running, Dora- or 11-filled beatdown was not in the offing with a wrecked hammy, so adjustments had to be made. So break out the coupons, heavy playlist, and the big speaker! With a veteran crew, abbreviated disclaimer was given and off we went.


Coupon carry over to Mater's parking lot. 10 each of: Weedpickers, Hillbillies, Moroccan Nightclubs, Copperhead Squats, Little Baby Arm Circles Line up along the narrow side of the parking lot

The Thang:

1, Block work and carry - pax lined up along the narrow side. Conduct 1 blocker Mercan, 1 block row, 1 KettleBell swing, and 1 Overhead Press, then conduct an alpha Lunge walk while rifle/Zamperini carrying the block. Conduct 2 of each exercises (and so on), progressing all the way to 10 of each, returning to the starting point. Imperial Walker for the 6 for short duration, then pick up the 6. 2. Tabatas (8 cycles) with AMRAP block presses, hold block in up position during active rest. Note: Gong sound means "3 seconds until start/rest period," whistle means "halfway through the stage", horn means "start/stop". Everyone learned after 2 evolutions. 3. Bearcrawls and deconstructed burpees - Pax lined up along the narrow side of the lot again. Conduct 1 hand release Mercan, 1 groiner, 1 monkey jumper, and then 1 alpha count bear crawl out. Add 1 rep to each exercise, and proceed to 10 across the parking lot. Mosey back to start after completion. Hillbilly for the 6 briefly, then pick up the 6. Grab blocks and return to the flag. 4. Mary consisting of supermen, pickle pounders, low plank, American Hammers, and gas pumpers. AND THAT WAS TIME


Prayers for Bo Knows to have successful gum surgery on Friday, and prayers and reflection on MLK's life and message.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Men, it was great to lead again at the Boneyard. It warms YHC's heart to see the AO continuing to grow organically, and cannot wait to see what the next year brings. Have a great day, men!

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