AO: TrailBlazer

When: 2024-01-13

QIC: Shortcake

PAX (3): Buckshot, Shortcake, Tank


Met with @Rooster on Thursday to discuss outlook of Trail Run AOs. Came away from that meeting with ton of inspiration and ideas for the year. The cooperation/competition coming will be palpable. So in my moment of inspiration, I asked how could I pass this onto the PAX on our next Q. In one word, BFH. There's nothing like a big, "friendly" hill to mix things up and drive the group together. So, at 0600, we dug in.


Warm-o-rama consisted of dynamic stretch exercises including inchworm, lunge and twist, high knees, A skip,  high reach skip,  Lunge over knee. Then off we jogged through trail to BFH.

The Thang:

BFH x5 was our goal and we met our goal with a strong steady pace and light jog down each time. We then ran through remaining half of trail to COT.


Prayers appreciated for PAX brothers who are hurt,  injured, or shut in. Reminder of registration for Red Top Rumble Trail Run on February 4. Going to be a blast.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always an honor and pleasure to lead these HIMs. We run stronger and longer together.

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