Farmer Johns

AO: Badapple

When: 2024-01-10

QIC: Ponyboy

PAX (8): Buckshot, Chalupa, goat, Sprocket, The Real Woody, The_OG Zima, Turbine


8 Men came together to unknowingly work on grip strength


weed pickers, sun gods, hill billys, toy solders, morning call

The Thang:

Partner up, everyone has a cinder. Parter 1(group) stays by the bathrooms and does a workout while partner 2(group) farmer carries 2 cinders around the parking lot. Once back each partner(groups) do a workout together with the cinders then partner 1 takes the cinders and farmer carries around and repeat. Rep Together(x25) - Bathroom 1 Curls - Air squat 2 Skull crushers - Big boys 3 Ground Presses - Merkins 4 Swings - Lunges 5 V-ups - Side straddle hop

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