Slashed my Tires….

AO: The Wreck

When: 2024-01-10

QIC: Blue

PAX (5): aflac, Blue, Donor, Meltdown, Moonshine


Mosey to Playground Stretching + DiCCS issued. Mosey to newly resurfaced football field,


  1. Step ups + double time
  2. Merkins-Feet on tire
    • L foot up + R foot up
    • Last set to failure
  3. Apollo Ono & sprawl
  4. Merkins - handwalk up
    • Go to failure
  5. Plyometric Single-Leg Jumps - 10 per leg
    • Knee close to ground
    • Explode up
  6. Partner Tire Flips

The Thang:

ROUND ONE: Individual x 2
  • Push to the 10 - V-ups
  • Push to the 20 - Star jumps
  • Push to the 30 - Merkins
  • Farmer Carry back t0 Goal line, rotate to new tire.
ROUND TWO: Partners
  • Partner up
  • 1 Partner push, the other pulls
  • Switch each 10 yards
  • Get to the 30, then Farmer Carry back t0 Goal line
  • Double up on the tires
  • Attach ropes, both teams pull to the 50
  • Farmer Carry back t0 Goal line
ROUND Four: All hands
  • Stack up all 4 tires, Attach rope
  • All Pax pull the same 4 tire stack together to the 50
  • Bring tires & Ropes to sidewalk
Mosey to the playground, 30 LBC's Mosey to flag, stretching to the bell.


For our Brother DrainHole, who's wife has recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and begun chemotherapy on Christmas Day. For Aflac's Father & Blue's Mother, both of whom are facing health challenges.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

So very proud to lead the men who came out this morning by serving them as best as I could. Spread the work about F3----it is the best workout money can buy!

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