Slow Roll It into 2024

AO: The Bridge

When: 2024-01-05

QIC: Humperdinck

PAX (8): Animal, Fuzzy Dice, Hackeysack, HIPAA, Maguire, Potter (Matt Rowand), Spackle


2024 has begun. With the MABA challenge going on along with Spackle & Sunshine's pull-up challenge, we had to figure out how to make all of that goodness happen in 45 minutes with an inspirational song to finish the BD.


24 SSH 12 of each - Weedpicker, Windmill & CH Squat 24 - Arm Circles forward & backward Mosey to  rubber playground for 20 Count-a-long Burpees then to Pull Up bars

The Thang:

3 sets of 10 - Pull ups & monkey humpers Mosey to charging stations at the parking deck Burp Back Mountain up the deck. 5 at the bottom, middle & top. MOT: Bernie Sanders 4 rounds - 4 corners escalator - 5, 10, 15, 20 Burpee, Imperial Squat (alpha), Flutter kick (alpha) & Mountain Climber (alpha) Mosey back to the flag for Pickle Pointers in the rhythm of The Love Doctor's "Slow Roll It"


Prayers for Animal's family battling covid and juggling children amidst everything Prayers for YHC - conversation with boss (went great!)

Naked-Man Moleskin:

As shared with the group, I've been talking to Jesus a bit while writing out my goals for 2024. In doing this, it hit me that most of the time our goals are focused on what we want for ourselves or how our lives will be better if we achieve those goals. Maybe, just maybe, we could do things differently. I've challenged myself and the men of the Bridge to consider a goal that is focused on others. Could be small, could be big, could be something we all get behind. Seems like something Jesus would be honored by. Let's get it in 2024!

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