RR Circuits

AO: The Bound

When: 2024-01-03

QIC: Red Ryder (D Mack)

PAX (11): Cookie, Ha-ha, Jackalope, MillerTime, Nacho Libre, Rudy, Tsunami, WhiteWater, Yellowstone, LIV


Circuit training with two run stations. 1.3 miles total


Mosey SSH 20 Hill Billy Squat Good Mornings Weed Picker

The Thang:

Runner on first station set time for station duration. Mosey, Sprint, Mosey.  When the runner completed the lap, all PAX rotated to next station.  Stations:

Run Lap Heavy jump rope. This is no joke. Really works the shoulders Curls using cinder Standing twist with bar. American Hammer Jump rope Run lap Mike Tysons Overhead press Lunges with coupon Heels to Heaven   Rinse and repeat  


Think about where you have been in 2023 and where you want to go in 2024 as we did a 90 second high plank

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