First Q of 2024

AO: Windjammer

When: 2024-01-03

QIC: Townie

PAX (6): Caroline, Mayflower, Milli Vanilli, Sparkie, Townie, Walkie Talkie


Back to regular 0530 hours for the Jammers.  Country Club livin' just got a bit tougher around here.  No mimosas or Baileys for the coffee as work is back in session too.


Regular mosey to the dam.  SSH, Toy Soldiers, Weed Pickers, Arm Circles, Covids...Indian run back to the flag and up to the parking lot ...

The Thang:

... where a lantern and an F3 deck o' death playing cards awaited us. We each pulled from the deck, performed the exercise, and after 6 cards we ran a long lap.  Then repeat.  Then we repeated again.  We tossed in some bernie'ing and DB drills to keep us interested.  


Prayers up for Mayflower's co-worker's (Gio) family as Gio tragically took his own life over the holidays and was shocked by all who knew him, including Mayflower.  It's hard to understand what people may be going through at any given time and it's important we're all here for each other in F3 Nation.  Speak up, say what's on your mind either in COT or to a fellow PAX individually.  Chances are, they've gone - or are going through - similar situations before.  Kudos to you, Mayflower to speaking about this today with us all and our condolences on the loss of your friend and co-worker.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Well done to PAX who donated blood last week at Milli Vanilli's office.

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