Doing The Hard Thing

AO: School Of Rock

When: 01/03/2024

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (6): Deep dish, Dipstick, False Start, lumbergh, Stu


School is back in session and 6 HIM started off the new year right at School Of Rock. A little bit of mumble chatter started by YHC yesterday came with some breakthroughs from several pax.

  1. Cookie has a ranking system for all AO’s in his F3 world.
  2. Site Q’s should apparently never ever miss their own AO’s beatdown.
  3. Caffey plans on leading SOR one day, but make the pax run the whole time.
  4. Jackalope doesn’t know what mumble chatter looks or sounds like.


A chilly morning required some solid warm-up time.

SSH, Imp. Walkers, Toy Soldiers, Weed Pickers, Arm Circles, Covids.


The Thang:

Started out the Thang with a tough and time consuming set of
Blockees / Bent Over Rows (Cusak for the movement to Stu’s truck and back)
Partner up!
Bear Crawl/Farmer Carry w/ sandbags down and 10 Cleans (sandbags)….flapjack on way back.
Pairs not doing above waiting their turn while rotating with the following exercises:
  • Plank
  • Flutters
  • SSH
  • Al Gore
  • Imp. Walkers
Cusak/Farmer Carry movement
  • 100 OH Press
  • 200 Rosalitas
  • 300 Squats
Almost finished up the DORA but instead a set of IC Squats with blocks for last 45 seconds.


  • Great turnout for the blood drive before Christmas and thanks for all that gave. And thanks to Milli Vanilli for offering office space!
  • Prayers for Stu as he travels to see mom this weekend.
  • Prayers for those pax not with us and those possibly still traveling for the holidays.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

2023 was a memorable year and 2024 is now among us. Let’s continue to challenge ourselves to be better/stronger men in all facets of our lives.


Honored to lead this am!

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