An Invitation to MABA January…

AO: Gladiator

When: 2024-01-02

QIC: Irene

PAX (12): Bo Knows, Cheneral, DREAMER, Macbeth, Mater, Moonshine, Speedo, Stroller, Tar Heel, Yokel, Brownie


YHC set a goal to Q at every JC and AC AO in the calendar year, and after watching the Gladiator Q sheet fill-up super fast last year, I jumped on the Q sheet as soon as the new year opened to snag the first spot. 1-down, many to go. Its also a new year, so we had to celebrate the number 24 - a great number for reps in a set.


YHC dropped off the board of pain on the way into ERP this morning and pulled into the parking lot promptly at 5:14. As I emerged from my car, I was greeted with calls for a Q by Committee or Q rotation - Right in the Feels! I'd never skip a Q (especially since the next available chance is in JULY!). Quick Mosey around the parking lot before circling up for the warm-up. SSHs, Weedpickers, Toy Soldiers, World's Greatest Stretch, Arm Circles, and COVIDs.

The Thang:

Straight to work. It's Make America Burpee Again (MABA (sign up here)) month - also known as January - and YHC needs to knock out my daily 100, so the Q set a time for every 4 minutes to perform 10 Burpees starting immediately post warm-up. The timer reset before the first burpee, so you're already on the clock for the next set. But, burpees are not sustenance alone for the HIM of Gladiator, so Pax moseyed over to the aforementioned Board o' Pain at the hill to provide the rest of the beatdown's regiment. Coupons were acquired along the way to be left for the reps at base camp. Pax were provided a set of exercises for base camp, a movement exercise for ascending the hill, and a set for the summit parking lot. 24 reps of each set - Alpha count if there was any question. Bottom                                 Movement                     Top OH Press                              Mosey                            Flutterkicks (a) Curls                                     Bernie                            E2K(a) Skullcrushers                      Mosey                            Merkins Drive the Bus                      Bear Crawl                    Jump Squats Wonder Bra                        Mosey                             1-leg Donkey Kicks (a) Rows                                    Crab Walk                     Diamond Merkins Glute Bridge Press Ups    Mosey                            Hello Dollies World War III Sit Ups     Bernie                             Monkey Humpers Kudos to Brownie and Mater for completing the entire list plus the Burpees. As stated above, 10 burpees every 4 minutes were still happening. After the 90th Burpee, Q called a circle-up to gather the Pax and led a Rifle Carry coupon return before a mosey back to the flag. The final set of Burpees were performed at the flag and we finished right on time.


Pax circled up and shared prayers for Dreamer's upcoming baby (Good Luck!) and Speedo's Father-in-Law's Cancer treatment. Prayers for those not present or not sharing but still in need. Gladiator 1/13 NLB Breakfast needs some help. Check Slack for additional details once Macbeth gets in touch with Red Ryder. Quick chat regarding EHing and keeping up with newer Pax. The first 5 posts are the hardest posts to keep FNGs attending, so stay on them. There's a huge uptick in retention after the first month or first 5 posts, so keep pestering and asking guys to come out.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thank you all for having me. Sorry to leave you in Q-consideration with my perfectly timed arrival! It is a pleasure to lead and I'm looking forward to seeing all the Alpha has to offer this year as I Q around the region.

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