B.R.E.A.K.F.A.S.T Birthday Beatdown

AO: Gladiator

When: 2023-12-28

QIC: Dark_Side

PAX (14): Chanel, Dark_Side, defcon2, DREAMER, Macbeth, Mater, Porkchop (Ryan Stackable), Slider, Speedo, Stifler, Stroller, Tar Heel, Tebow, Brownie


44th birthday Q at the Gladiator! Let's Go!


Disclaimer given. Mosey around the gym and over to the pavilion for:  
  • 15 x high knees IC
  • 15 x squats IC
  • 15 x mountain climbers IC
  • Michael Phelps OYO
  • Monkey arms OYO
  • Worlds greatest stretch OYO

The Thang:

I was inspired by Macbeth's B-R-E-A-K-F-A-S-T Slack post with the sirens so I decide to create a beatdown using that word and added "BD BD" for "birthday beatdown". Since it was my 44th birthday, we would do 44 reps of each exercise unless otherwise stated. PAX was asked to stay together at the end of each round for a mosey around the parking lot between exercises. It went down like this:
  • B -ig Boys (44)
  • R -ussian Dips (44)
  • E - rkins (44)
  • A -merican hammers (44 alpha)
  • K -raken burpees (14)
  • F -reddie Mercury (44 alpha)
  • A -lternating shoulder taps (44 alpha)
  • S -ide saddle hops 4 ct IC (44)
  • T -riple Nickel (run to the top of the hill for 5 derkins, and back to the bottom for 5 x Monkey humpers. We did 5 rounds.
  • B - onnie Blairs (44 SC)
  • D - ollys (44)
  • B -urpees (10)
  • D - ry docks (AMRAP)
PAX headed back to the flag for 2 min of Mary. Brownie called gas pumpers x 22 and Mater called Dying cockroach until time.  


  • Macbeth urged PAX to fill the Q sheets at other AOs
  • New Years BD challenge at Blackwidow
  • Prayers for Pete
  • Prayers for everyone during the holiday season

Naked-Man Moleskin:

What an honor to lead at the Gladiator. Thanks for given up the Q for me Stroller!

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