Rocking Around the School of Rock

AO: School Of Rock

When: 2023-12-27

QIC: Irene

PAX (3): Dipstick, No-See-Um


Dipstick launched the School of Rock and it sounds like a good beatdown, so I decided to pickup a Q and give it a go. The week after Christmas is probably not the best time to grab HCs, but it is a good time to try some new things with cinders. Setup: YHC laid out 16 cones in a 4x4 grid in the parking lot.


Each Pax grabbed two cinders for a suitcase carry to the first corner for the warm-up. SSHs to get the blood pumping before a consistent high plank while pax worked through Shoulder Taps, Mountain Climbers, and J.Los.

The Thang:

Pax picked up their cinders and suitcase carried the length of the square while performing two Tower of Powers at each corner. (72 Merkins) (Tower of Power = two cinders standing tall with the holes open toward the pax. 9 Merkins as each pax moves their hands up and down the holes in the cinder alternating between Merkins and Staggered Merkins) Leaving one cinder behind, Pax rifle carried to the center cones before traversing up and down the North-South cones stopping to perform 10 Bent Over Rows at each cone. (80 Rows) Pax transitioned to Goblet Carry and meandered to the East-West interior cones for Goblet Carry into 10 Squat Press per cone. (80 Squat Press) 2nd cinders were reclaimed as Pax suitcase carried to the central square. Suitcase carry around the central square with 10 WWIII sit-ups at each corner. (WWIII sit-up: 4 count exercise combining Chest Press and Big Boys. 1 - Chest Press, 2 - Big Boy as the cinder is lowered back to your chest, 3 - OH press, 4 - back to the ground and lower the cinder) (40 WWIII Sit-ups) Pax deposited a cinder in the middle of each span between cones and then lined up at a cone for two rounds of Care Bear Square (Iron Pax 2022 Workout). Pax pick a corner cone and begin with a bear crawl. When encountering a cinder perform, 3 merkins (1 Right Stagger, 1 Left Stagger, 1 on block) depending on which body part encounters the cinder first (hand or foot). (24 Merkins) Cinders were reclaimed and stacked for 40 Alpha Step-ups with Knee Raises. Pax used a cinder for support as we finished with a complete Captain Thor set. (55 Big Boys + 220 American Hammers) (YHC had planned one more suitcase carry traverse from the center square out to each Cardinal Direction of the grid with 5 abyss Merkins at each end line, but YHC's doubling of the care bear square and the knee raises stole the time)


YHC failed to start my watch on time and left Dipstick in a lurch as he attempted to grab his 2.0 for a Windjammer double BD, so we had a moving CoT. Prayers for everyone travelling and hosting family. Prayers for No-See-Um's son as he works through some things.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks for coming out and letting me try stuff. It was enjoyable and tough. Looking forward to growing this AO and bringing more Pax out to the School of Rock

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