Exorcise the Eggnog

AO: Galaxy

When: 2023-12-26

QIC: McLovin (Amir Oren)

PAX (6): Abacus (Mark Green), Fenway, Jorts, Sparky, Wideright


Post Xmas fat burn


15 happy jacks - every 5 hops + 2 jump squats

10 Abe vigodas

10 alternating side squats

10 bear hugs

The Thang:

Cusack cinderblocks to pavilion

Run big loop to long stairs

Suicide long stairs

pavilion -

CPR - 25 with cinderblocks - Curl, Press, Raise

back to stairs -

Tooth fairy back to top

Back To pavilion

25 hyperextensions on table

25 dips

25 stone mountains btw cinders

25 incline merkins

25 1 leg squats - alternate

25 step ups - alpha count

25 Superman’s

25 get ups per side

25 LBCs

25 CPR to finish cusack cinders back to vehicle


Prayers for drainhole family and wife - support opportunities to come prayers for Sailor prayers for Israel

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