Mistletoe and Mud Puddles: A Solo Q Love Story

AO: Halo

When: 2023-12-25

QIC: Fenway

PAX (1): Fenway

The Thang:

The pavilion stood silent, a cold December wind rattling the empty picnic tables. Christmas lights clung stubbornly to the trees, twinkling like misplaced stars through the relentless downpour. Fenway, F3's lone warrior, wasn't fazed. This wasn't a Yuletide carol, it was a battle hymn of mud and sweat, sung solo against the symphony of the storm. Merkins in the muck became reindeer leaps, Alabama Hills transformed into chimney climbs, each rep a defiant gift to the absent PAX and the unforgiving weather. In the circle of trust, bathed in the pale glow of Christmas lights, Fenway stood, not a solitary figure, but a testament to the F3 spirit that burns brightest in the coldest storms. He emerged, a muddy Santa of grit and determination, proving that even a solo Q on Christmas can be a damn merry odyssey.

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