Grinch Tag

AO: Nirvana

When: 2023-12-23

QIC: Sprocket

PAX (16): American Pie, Avis, buckshot, Dosido, Gingivitis, Lefty, MillerTime, No-See-Um, Shortcake, Special K, Spider, Tank, The Real Woody, Strokeseat, Squirrel Pudding


With the holiday season in full swing, QIC borrowed an idea from a buddy out west and went along with a debate popular amongst the PAX: who should get a date with Martha May of Whoville? Let the games begin...                                            


Standard Sprocket fare: karaoke, mtn climbers, cotton pickers (AKA, weed pickers), butt kicks, high knees, and something novel: the squat-toe grab-stand which was described by one PAX as monkey humper-like. then, it was time to take to the track

The Thang:

QIC formed two teams of 8: Team Grinch and Team Mayor Who Format: while Team Grinch ran two laps around track, Team Who performed as many good-form burpees as possible and kept track of reps.  Millertime did an outstanding job demonstration what a perfect burpee looked like. **as each Team Grinch member completed his run, he "tagged-out" a member of Team Who.  The number of rep's (burpees) performed by each Team Who PAX were summed, and, that became the score for the round.  Then, Teams "flap jacked (or "switched") and followed the same format** Round 1 to Team Who. Next, QIC lead PAX across the road to where coupons were staged for remaining rounds.  After getting set-up, one PAX from each team picked an exercise from a "gift" bag and determined what the exercises would be for the next round.
  • (25) Bobby Hurlys while opposing team performed OH press
  • (25) Burpees (yes, more) while opposing team did squats
  • (25) Bonnie Blairs while opposing team did ground-to-shoulder cleans
  • (25) Speed skaters while opposing team did bent rows
with a few minutes remaining on the clock, QIC lead PAX back to the flag.  There was time enough for two rounds of Mary (flutters and dying bugs). At the end of all rounds, Team Who won the chance to take Martha May on a date.


we lifted up all those traveling over the holidays, were thankful for the energy and ability to get up and exercise and encouraged each other to be better listeners, patient parents and faithful friends.  Welcome to American Pie's 2.0 (FNG), Squirrel Puddin' home from school in NJ!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I trust every PAX had fun and earned an extra slice or three of pic.  Merry Christmas, Sprocket.

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