Boxing Day 5.4K

AO: Firehouse

When: 2023-12-26

QIC: Seaman

PAX (2): Better Call Saul, Seaman


Only two of us showed up in the proper rainy gloom, so we rucked in the rain.


Nope, in fact we started 2 minutes early.

The Thang:

We took the game into overtime and rucked 5.4 kilometers, which is a good warm up to prepare for the New Year's Day event sponsored by Script Kiddie.  I cannot remember the name, but it was Ruck You, or Go Ruck Yourself, or Ruck All Y'all.  (Or something similar.)


Script Kiddie's hosting a 7k ruck on New Year's Day starting at 8:30am sharp.  DM him for details.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Good talk over the ruck and coffeeteria. If you have time this week, reach out to one of your F3 brothers and schedule a 2nd F event.  It does not have to be anything more fancy than a cup of coffee. SYITG

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