XC in the Alpha

AO: Hoppylike

When: 2023-12-22

QIC: Knight Rider

PAX (3): DeLorean, Fresh Prince


The route was posted to include a section of the Alpharetta High School XC course. Light up cones were laid out to mark the dark parts of the Black Loop of the XC course which the PAX would navigate.  YHC kept the route on the large open parts of the trail to keep things safe and avoid anyone getting lost. 3 PAX converged at the Container Store parking lot, 0530 was called, and we were off.



The Thang:

Route Info: Container Store -> Old Milton Parkway -> North Point Parkway -> Alpharetta High School entrance -> Sharp right onto the Alpharetta HS Raider Trail Black Loop -> Continue on Black Loop until the course official start/finish line -> Converge onto the White Path -> Continue to the Football Field perimeter -> Run up the hill on the west side of the HS parking lot -> Exit Alpharetta High School onto North Point Parkway -> North on North Point Parkway -> West on Webb Bridge Road -> Westside Parkway -> Cut through on Avalon Blvd -> Back to the Container Store No PAX were lost or hurt on our trail run foray. Another Norseman takeover at Hoppylike.


Announcements: Convergence BD for Academy, Rubicon, and Norseman on 12/26 @ 0630 at Brooks Street Park Johns Creek convergence on SAT 12/23 at The Hooch (Black Widow closed) @0700 with ScroogeNog to follow 2024 Challenge on New Years Day (Mon 1/1) at the Black Widow @ 0700 on the Widowmaker hill Prayers: Thanks given for the many things in the life we "GET" to do...rather than thinking of the things we "have" to do. Blessings and safety for those traveling this season. Reminder to cherish the extra time with friends and family this season.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Felt good to be back out there at Hoppylike. Thanks to DeLorean and Fresh Prince for joining me out there. Trails are fun !!

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