Alternative Christmas

AO: The Wreck

When: 2023-12-20

QIC: Bear

PAX (11): aflac, Bear, Blue, Donor, Foley, Gutterball, Matt Shields-Norm, Missionary, rip, Sic’em, Switch


alternative christmas music was a hit!


mosey to football field for some warmups

The Thang:

to stadiums for:
  1. jump squats at bottom, run to top
  2. stone mtns at top
  3. repeat 3x
next set:
  1. dips at bottom
  2. split squats at top
mosey to gymnastics hill and grab coupon
  1. kettlebell swings at bottom, walk backwards w rock to the top
  2. squirrels (squats into a curl) at top
  3. repeat 3x
Next set:
  1. romanian dead lifts, walk backwards to top
  2. diamond hand release merkins at the top
  3. repeat 3x
Mosey back to flag


white elephant Friday - $20 ish max or regift or free is even better closed Christmas.  

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