Time Flies When You’re Getting Beat Down

AO: Black Widow

When: 2023-12-16

QIC: Dinghy

PAX (15): Corner Kick, Cox, Dark Side, DeLorean, DirtyMO, Ha-ha, Roundup, ShuttleCock, Skip-pe, Sven, TMI, Zohan, Gettup, Gunner


Before beginning, YHC has to point out the off-the-charts energy shown by the Pax this morning. When dudes are literally dancing and/or bouncing while getting through the toughest part of the beatdown (e.g., Roundup busting a move in between Mike Tysons and StarJumps), that's pretty impressive. That stated, YHC was not feeling it this morning thanks to a late 2nd F event, so he needed that energy to get him through. With the veteran crew in tow, abbreviated disclaimer / owey alert was given, and off we went.


10 Weedpickers, 14 Willie Mays Hays, 10 Moroccan nightclubs, 10 hillbillies, 10 SSH's. Mosey to the BFH.....

The Thang:

  1. Rolling chapter 11's - conduct 10 HR mercans, then immediately go downhill with 5 alpha bear crawls, then conduct 1 jump squat, 5 alpha bear crawls. Rinse and repeat through the full 11, mosey to the bottom and Mary for the 6. Go RIGHT BACK UP THE BFH....
  2. Rolling chapter 11's (part deaux) - conduct 10 Carolina drydocks, go uphill with 10 alpha lunge walks, conduct 1 monkey humper, go uphill again 10 alpha lunge walks. When reaching the top of the hill, complete the evolution sans lunge walks. Mosey back to the soccer field
  3. Rolling chapter 11's (part trois) - on near baseline, conduct 10 Mike Tysons, travel forward to the penalty box, conduct 1 burpee, reverse toward midfield via Bernie Sanders, conduct burpee at midfield, reverse and forward run to the next penalty box, conduct a burpee, reverse and Bernie Sanders to the far end line. Conduct 1 star jump. Rinse and repeat through to 1 Mike Tyson and 9 star jumps. NOTE: IN INTEREST OF TIME, DROPPED BURPEES AFTER COMPLETION OF 5 MIKE TYSONS IN THE CYCLE


Blood Drive on 12/22. Prayers for travel mercies and household peace during the holiday season.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I'll say it again - GREAT ENERGY THIS MORNING, MEN! It was was pleasure to lead (and frankly, helped get the fog out of my head. Wonderful work, men!

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