White Christmas Extravaganza

AO: Gladiator

When: 2023-12-14

QIC: Macbeth

PAX (16): Cheneral, Cousin Eddie, defcon2, DREAMER, Graf, Irene, Macbeth, Mater, RaspberryPi, Red Ryder, Scratch-Off, Slider, Spandex, Tebow, Zohan, Brownie


Kind of rushed because of  technical difficulties but everyone knew what was going on.


Short and sweet with a lot of sidestraddle hops.

The Thang:

Three stations as follows Station 1 Happy PAX-Mas Station 20 Big Boi Side Straddle Derkin Jumps (Start with a Big Boi, -do a get up (no hands), -followed by a 4 count side-straddle hop, - then do a Derkin, -followed by a Squat Jump - that’s a one, rinse and repeat) Skip to the Next Station   Station 2 Yule Log Station Warm yo feet (20 Flutter Kicks) Warm yo Head (20 Peter Parkers) Warm yo Back (20 Squats) Warm yo Buns (20 Monkey-Humpers) Mosey to the Next Station Station 3 St. Nick’s Chimney Prep Station Sleigh Balls Ring (20 count Balls to the Wall) Jingle Wall-kins (20 Derkins) Reindeer Kicks (20 Donkey Kicks) Cookie Crumb Finder (20 Merkins) Butt-Kicker to the Next Station   Grand Finale: Listen to "Snow" from White Christmas while holding a plank, performa merkin every time someone says the word "snow"


  • NLB beatdown and breakfast opportunity coming up in January/March, more info to follow
  • Blood drive coming up
Prayer Requests
  • Brownie's wife having surgery next week
  • Zohan and family travels
  • General Holiday prayers as people deal with in-laws and emotions

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