Orvis Subsi-Q – SUPER 11s

AO: Norseman

When: 2023-12-12

QIC: DeLorean

PAX (14): Bottom Bunk, Callahan, Cam's, Chapter 11, Crikey, DirtyMO, Ha-ha, Huffy, Knight Rider, Plumb Bob, Shortcake, Stu, TO


Ovis is away so the mice will play!


Long loop run to St. Francis Hill SSH WP IW Arm Circles

The Thang:

SUPER 11s.
  • Mercans bottom corner, burpees at the top:
  • every time you cross the bridge you owe 10 Carolina dry docks.  Up and down the hill 11s style.
  • 35 squats, Bernie up the hill (half way)
  • 25 squats, Bernie up the hill (half)
  • 15 squats, Bernie up the hill (half)


Prayers for Knight rider's co-worker and for our buddy Sweeper

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