2024 Light Tiur

AO: Hoppylike

When: 2023-12-08

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (6): Caffey, DeLorean, Ha-ha, Hollywood, Mayhem, Scar

The Thang:

I love a good neighborhood run and more so in the winter. Let's see who leaves their stuff in all night long. Wilshire Glen wasn't bad Nathan Circle has some good lights and an upside down Santa Lynne Circle with a few but maybe have to wait for construction to finish. Downtown had the best with Haha and Delorean stopping for a photo. We go and check on Santas house where the lights are on.


Ruck with Santa tomorrow

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead and be able to keep with the fast pace thanks to Mayhems track work.

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