Six gallant men conquering the frosty morn.

AO: Gladiator

When: 2023-12-07

QIC: Spandex

PAX (6): defcon2, Mater, Scratch-Off, Slider, Spandex, Yokel


The dawn cracked, the birds snored, and only the bravest of warriors rose to face the frosty morn at F3 The Gladiator. With the promise of cold temperatures and the lure of cozy covers, only the mightiest six emerged from their dens: Spandex, Yokel, ScratchOff, Mater, Slider, and Defcon2. Each a titan in his own right, ready to tackle the battlefield of the bootcamp. As the clock struck 5:15, a meager band gathered, a mere six souls braving the chill, while the rest wallowed in their warm nests. Oh, the legends these six shall be whispered of, while the others sip their morning tea in shame!


The workout, a symphony of sweat and cinder blocks, kicked off with a stately mosey around the parking lot, like warriors surveying their battleground. Karaoke steps to the left, to the right, a ritualistic warm-up. Side straddle hops ensued, resembling an army of jumping jacks in unison, and arm circles that'd make a windmill envious.

The Thang:

Then, with shoulders bearing the weight of cinder blocks, they ventured toward the park's back entrance, stopping at the hill's base. Partners paired, a bond akin to superhero alliances formed. One ascended the hill, cinder blocks in tow, while the other below suffered the burpee ordeal - 5 at the bottom, 5 at the peak. Switcheroo and repeat! The swift among them dabbled in big boy sit-ups while waiting for the 6 to catch up. With cinders still in tow, a return to the main parking lot beckoned, heading for the hill at the back. The diabolic 11's awaited - a cinder press at the hill's base, then a sprint skyward for 10 thrusters, rinse, repeat, until 11's were vanquished. Exhaustion loomed, yet these six paragons were undeterred. With minutes remaining, they forged their own paths, 10 reps here, a lap there, a relentless cycle until time bowed to their resilience. Oh, how valiantly they battled, these six stalwart souls, against the elements, the fatigue, and the temptation of warm duvets! The tales of their gallantry shall echo through the ages, while the others cower beneath their blankets, dreaming of what might have been. And to those who chose the warmth of their beds over the crucible of cinder blocks and camaraderie? May they dream of burpees and hills steep, their slumber haunted by the echoes of six gallant men conquering the frosty morn.


  • Santa Ruck this weekend
  • Safe Boyscout caving adventure for DC2 and troop

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thank you to the 5 others who showed up this morning!  It was a pleasure hanging out with you superheroes!

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