No Running Today

AO: Norseman

When: 2023-12-05

QIC: Other

PAX (10): Blistex, Callahan, Cam's, Chapter 11, DeLorean, DirtyMO, Knight Rider, MillerTime, Nacho Libre, Shortcake


In Georgia's chill morn, ten souls did convene, To brave the elements with spirits keen. At flag we met, shared greetings fleet and brief, Then off we moseyed, seeking toil's relief.


With hops and pickers, soldiers, circles round, We warmed our limbs upon the frosty ground. To the ditch we ventured, for a weight to claim, For Ha-Ha's absence left us in the game. His girlfriends missed, we sought our own to bear, With "coupons" grasped, we faced the morning air.

The Thang:

To tunes of country, both true and akin, We undertook our regimen to begin. Five rounds of abs, with rocks and V's we soared, LBCs and tucks, our spirits roared. A minute's toil, a minute's peace we found, Then Tabata's rhythm did resound. Twenty on, ten off, six rounds each we strove, Press overhead, curls lift, in rhythm move. Calves raised, crushers' skull, merkins released by hand, Squats and thrusters next, as time's sand. With exercises done, our "coupons" we returned, Back to the flag, where final lessons learned.


This Saturday, the "Santa Ruck" draws near, A time for giving, full of cheer. Bring cans to donate, or through Venmo send, A link in Slack will guide you, friend. Bring kin and spouse, let hearts be light, For a noble cause we'll gather in the night.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks y'all! Always an honor!

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