Christmas Movie Marathon

AO: The Bridge

When: 2023-12-01

QIC: Potter (Matt Rowand)

PAX (14): Boomer, Dinghy, Doughboy, Fuzzy Dice, Hackeysack, HIPAA, Hormone (Joey Low), Humperdinck, Maguire, Saint2O, Spackle, Tenderfoot, Zima


YHC had the honor of welcoming in the last month of the year with a seasonal BD to spice up the yuletide fare.  A perfect time to commemorate the season of Christmas carols and movies on continuous rotation, and no better chance to run through some of YHC's holiday film favorites, before they start to grate on your nerves after the umpteenth showing.  So as Elf would say, "the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear."  Ok, there was none of that.  Just old fashioned exercises to pay homage to some of the best holiday filmography.


SSH, Copperhead Squat, Imperial Walker, Windmill, Weedpicker, Willie Mays Hayes,

The Thang:

  Station 1: Christmas Vacation Ten Count Trivia
  • What is Eddie’s dog’s name?
  • What did Clark receive as his Christmas bonus?
  • How many lights does Clark put on the house?
Exercises:  In memory of Eddie's full commode and Clark's roof climbing for full abode illumination Mountain Man Poopers           x5 Pull Ups                                         x5 Dips                                                 x10 Pull Ups                                         x5 Repeat 5x   Station 2: Die Hard
  • What was the name John McClane uses in the movie as a code name?  Roy
  • How much money was Hans Gruber stealing and in what form?  $640MM Bearer Bonds
Ex:  To commemorate John McClane's barefoot rebellion and jump from Nakatomi Tower with nothing but a firehose. 11’s Box Jump Cowboy Step Up to Derkin Station 3: Elf
  • What's the first rule of the Code of Elves?  Every day is Christmas
  • What does buddy call himself when he can’t build toys correctly?  Cotton-headed Ninnymuggins
  • What toy was he making when we first see him?  Etcha Sketch
Ex: To reenact Buddy's trip from North Pole to NYC and honor his for food groups (Candy, Candy Canes, Candy Corn, and Maple Syrup) 4 Corners: 20-15 reps Carolina Drydocks Chilly Jacks Cockroach Resurrection Merkins MOT: Bear Crawl short Side shuffle long   Station 4: A Christmas Story
  • Ralphie listened to the show Little Orphan Annie on the radio hosted by Pierre Andre.
  • What message does Ralphie decode with his decoder ring?  Better eat your ovaltine
  • The imaginary villain that pestered the Parker clan was named Black Bart and Ralphie called his Red Ryder bb gun Ol Blue when he fought this villain?
Ex:  In honor or Ralphie's prized firearm, Red Ryder BB gun, and the yammiest holiday decoration of all time, the Leg Lamp. Ring of Fire: Zamperini parking deck Ring: Copperhead Squat / Calf Raise / Toy Soldier / Smurf Jack / Monkey Humper / Hill Billy / Reverse Lunge


Santa Ruck 12/9 - Bring donations and venmo contributions; Prayers for sick family members and grieving F3 families.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Truly an honor to do life with these PAX and look forward to my second Christmas with F3.

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