KBJ 11/28/23

AO: Galaxy

When: 2023-11-28

QIC: Wideright

PAX (20): Abacus (Mark Green), aflac, Ballerina, Blue, Drain Hole, Fenway, Forrest, FreeLoader, gmonkey, Jorts, Louganis, Marcia, Percy, Skol, Sparky, Spirit Fingers, Steamer, Wideright, Yearn, FNG- Splinter


Disclaimer and warm up IC - SSHs, hillbillies, bear hugs, weed pickers, a vagodas, plank, merkins, shoulder taps and mtn climbers partner up - grab one coupon per group and mosey to upper parking lot

The Thang:

Arms chest shoulders and legs cumulative count between pax rd1. Pax 1 Bernie sanders Bobby Hurley and swap - 300 curls rd2. Same swap and chest press rd 3. Pax 1 cusak down and back pax 2 plank- 4 trips each pax rd 4. Pax 1  3 line auicidea and pax 2 squats with coupon - 300 count mosey to flag quick recovery stretch time


Skol uncle And new little girl coming in 3 weeks all brothers traveling and not here Marcia 11 days sober and commitment What this group means to me and my family, 2 years ago for being there that day, days following and the 36 that showed up that Friday 5 days after Kate Belle passed away. For being the best fathers husband sons uncles and friends I could ever know or have in my life. F3 has made me a better person and you all have helped me to be the man I need to be to shell and Maggie! I love you all and will know that Kate Belle is always on your hearts and minds!!! SYITG

Naked-Man Moleskin:


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