Seaman’s Bucket and Cinders BD

AO: Starting Line

When: 2023-11-25

QIC: Seaman

PAX (7): Boss Baby, Script Kiddie, Seaman, Suarez, Sugar, Thumper, toadstool


Sugar was first on the scene this morning by a long shot.  He was unable to stay for the BD, so he started quite early and was able to get 10 kilometers total before he had to leave.  Good work!


Disclaimer, and warm up things Morrocan Night Clubs Michael Phelps Willy Mays Hayes Runners Stretch Warrior One Warrior Two Reverse Warrior

The Thang:

Cinder and bucket Tabata BD
This was a chaotic Tabata BD, with 52 seconds of work, 19 seconds of rest.  Because 60/20 makes too much sense.
We each started at one of the stations listed below, then we each rotated through all seven exercises.
1.  Cinder Press, then switched to a sort of modified V-Up with the cinder
2.  Goblet Squat
3. Cinder LBC (some were doing Cinder Reverse LBC)
4. Wrist Roller (we used a hockey stick shaft, mule tape, and a 10 pound dumbell.) I tried this with a cinder on my own, and I suspect only a few of the pax would have the wrist strength to get it done.  (insert dirty joke here.)
5. Alabama Prom Date w/ Cinder
6. Leg Raise with cinder
7. Skull Crushers, then on round 3 switched to Curls
After completing the stations, for the 1st and 3rd time, we took a short lap with a cinder or a bucket that contained a broken cinder, so it was roughly the same weight.  At each corner we switched up what we were carrying just to build confusion and keep us all together.
We carried the cinder by various methods as follows:
Side Carry
Two person hockey stick coupon carry
Rifle Carry
My cinders are somewhat posh, so they have handles on them, so handle carry was an option.
Bucket carry (the broken cinder in the bucket)
(On the 3rd lap only, two pax carried two cinders suspended on an old hockey stick shaft, you know, for teamwork.)
After the 2nd and 4th round we ran the big loop.
After the 5th round, we returned the cinders and moseyed to the pavilion for a one minute BTTW, then a brief air squat until we ran out of time.


Santa Ruck, 12/9/23 Prayers for Suarez's M and Mom, and everyone traveling. Acceleration Point:  Remember to slow down and enjoy time with your family and friends.  Some folks get overly concerned with the superficial, making the house look perfect, or buying the perfect gift, when making positive memories with you loved ones is far more important.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thank you to all of you HIM for coming out and getting a little bit better in the gloom with me. Good convo over coffee

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