Toast the top-3 of CFB

AO: Grindstone

When: 2023-11-24

QIC: Hail Mary

PAX (6): Bill Dance, Crab Cake, Hail Mary, Omaha, Spit Valve, Vanna


Rivalry weekend of College Football is here.  YHC tried to create a BD that saluted the cream of CFB.


Mosey to top of parking lot. SSH, Sun God and WP to loosen up.

The Thang:

5-stations on the football field. 3-rounds of exercises—one for UGA, Ohio State and Michigan—the top 3 seeds in CFB.  15 reps of each exercise Exercises chosen to spell… DAWGS (diamond merkins, ass kickers, wolverines, Groiners, squats) BUCKS (Bonnie Blairs, up downs, chilli jacks, kraken burpees, squats) UMICH (up downs, Merkins, imperial walkers, chilli jacks, hallelujah squats) A mini Dora (merkins, lbc, squats) to soak up time. Mosey to flag for Mary’s ( box cutter, american hammer, bbsu)


F3 Xmas party santa ruck

Naked-Man Moleskin:

TY for the opportunity to lead.  My 4th Q.  Finding exercises to fit the team names was fun.  TY F3 for maintaining the Exicon! With no prerun, Crabcake decided on a post-run.  YHC joined and felt we ran a torrid pace, until learning this was Crabcake’s “easy day”.  As the poem goes, we all have “miles to go…”

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