Popper’s Kitchen

AO: The Hooch

When: 2023-11-20

QIC: Popper

PAX (15): Angus, BallBoy, Beaver, Boomer, Chesapeake, Gasleak, Maguire, Saint2O, Spackle, Splinter, stitches, Sunshine, Tater tot, Boss Hogg


YHC loves Thanksgiving and its indelible association with the other F's not captured in F3: Family, Fall, Food, Football, etc. A rare near-term vacancy on the Hooch Q sheet offered a chance to Q Monday before Turkey Day and "ham" it up with a food-themed beatdown. YHC preblasted to the Hoochies to bring a coupon and don their stretchy pants for a belly full of acceleration.


PAX circled up for the disclaimer and the following warm-ups in cadence: SSH, Weed Picker, Windmill, Arm Circles fwd / bwd, Imperial Walker.

The Thang:

Coupon carry to the portico, where Chef Popper had prepared a delightful menu of tortures (artfully illustrated on the white board) from which the PAX could choose their own adventure. Here's how it worked: Each trip through the buffet line, the PAX chooses a Meat-and-Three, and washes it down with a 20-curl aperitif, burp(ee)s 5 times, and takes a Turkey Trot to the theater. Similar to a gluten-free tag on specific menu items, Popper's Kitchen tagged certain coupon-centric menu items with a superscript insignia (II) to indicate it would be served with "Grey Coupon". Yum, yum, get you some! Meat (choose 1, 25 reps apiece)
  • Carolina Dry(-aged Ribeye) Docks
  • (Gobbler) Goblet Squats (II)
  • American (Honey Baked) Hammer (II)
Sides (choose 2, 25 reps apiece)
  • Squat Potato (serves 2) (II)
  • Overhead (Cornbread D)Press(ing) (II)
  • (Cran)-BearCrawl(-y Sauce), alpha count steps
  • Mak(& Cheese)tar N'Diaye's
  • Hand-Release Mer(Corn Souffle)
  • (Giblet Gravy) Boat-to-Canoe
Dessert / Drinks (choose 1, 25 reps apiece)
  • Gas Pump(kin)er (Pie)
  • Hot Apple Turnover
  • (Cranberry) Mule Kicks
Wash It Down With (Do all of the below)
  • 20 Curls (II) - bc we can't stop the hand-to-mouth motion of stuffing our faces!
  • 5 Burpees - bc a burp helps the food go down better
  • Turkey Trot - Mosey to the theater and back
The PAX went at their own pace, each mixing-and-matching Meat-and-Three helpings to their hearts' and bellies' content multiple times over. All were satisfied and none left hungry. Some had to loosen the belt or let out the stretchy pants a little by the end of the meal. We ate until 6:15am when Popper's Kitchen closed.


Hot n Special 5k - Thanksgiving morning, 6:30am, Bushwood AO (10150 Groomsbridge Rd, Johns Creek). Run/walk/ruck, then stay for wassail at YHC's house till whenever (most leave by 8:30/9:00). RSVP to Popper if you haven't already to ensure an ample wassail supply for all. Prayers for the family of Angus's dearly departed friend Matt Berry. Prayers for Popper's dad Fred in the hospital for leukemia treatments.  

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanksgiving is more than a holiday. It is an annual celebration of family, friends, and the relationships that matter most to us. As men age, it becomes harder for us to keep strong relationships that steady us in the bumps of life. Angus reminded us of that today with his sharing of his friend Matt's recent sudden and unfortunate death. YHC is deeply grateful for the community of men that have been both a source of strength and steadiness over the last 5+ years, and that I hope to have contributed to in some small way as well. As always, it was a sincere joy to plan and lead a challenging beatdown for my friends in the gloom. I am thankful for you all. - Popper Out

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