Disco with the Girlfriends in Marietta

AO: The Last Stand

When: 2023-11-20

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (6): Fenway, Ha-ha, Marcia, McLovin (Amir Oren), Tweaker, Wideright


With a day off on Monday I found myself Sunday afternoon checking a region's Q sheets for blank spots.  Here we come, Marietta and The Last Stand! I started off by parking in the "wrong" spot and throwing off the regulars but it was just for the set up.


A lap of the parking lot followed by:
  • SSH
  • Weed pickers
  • Imperial Walkers

The Thang:

YHC was a budding DJ in my "yout". That time period equals disco so a vintage disco play list and a Musical Dora! Partner up, one Girlfriend per pair. One PAX runs up the parking lot to the creepy white van and back while the other performs the exercise for the song.  Then swap. New song, new exercise.
Double Respect Disco
Song   Exercise
Let's Groove 04:05 Sumo Dead Lift
Stayin Alive 04:43 Top Half Curls
Brick House 03:28 Squat
Le Freak 03:30 Skull Crushers
Play that Funky Music 03:10 Bent Row
September 03:35 Overhead Press
Rapture 04:58 WW III Situps
Knock on Wood 04:10 Bottom Half Curls
Disco Inferno 03:11 Lunge
Funkytown 04:00 Merkins (no bag)
Finished up with Funkytown right at 6:15. Strava says 2.5 miles in the parking lot with lots of reps!


Peace in out world. Healing for loved ones and safe travels for those on the road.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Be the bacon this week!  Bacon makes everything better.  If you are going to Thanksgiving dinner and your sister-in-law says you are having squash casserole you respond, oh. ok.  Then she says with bacon! Now you are talking! Bacon makes everything better! Even vegetarians love the smell of bacon cooking. Be the Bacon this week! Make every gathering better because you are there.  Not better when you leave! Be the ingredient that makes your family gathering go from good to Wow!

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