Sweatin’ to the Oldies

AO: Jericho

When: 2023-11-17

QIC: Whiz

PAX (11): Baskins, Benny, Deuce (Jay Mooney), Dumpster, Mr. Hand, Pinkman, Schneider, Soul Glo, Stiff-Arm, Todd Doherty l F3 UMass, Whiz


YHC on Q and can't run...need to modify to 0.0-ish


windmills...that's enough.  grab a coupon that matches your manliness.

The Thang:

Tunes teed up from the Suburban.  Perform rep count then bear crawl out and lunge walk back.  Change exercises when the song advances.
  1. Squats w/ coupon (20)
    1. Mississippi Queen
    2. Grinder
  2. LBC (40)
    1. Call Me the Breeze
    2. Long Live Rock N Roll
  3. Merkin (25)
    1. Rock 'N' Roll Singer
  4. Lunges w/ coupon (20)
    1. Flirtin' with Disaster
  5. V-Ups w/ coupon (25)
    1. Just Got Paid
  6. Burpees (20)
    1. Move It On Over
  7. Curls
    1. Bad Motor Scooter


Prayers for Benny's uncle and MIL, Deuce's upcoming baby arrival, and praises for Napalm's dedication to service.

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