The lucky 7’s Superset extravaganza

AO: Rubicon

When: 2023-11-14

QIC: Valley Girl

PAX (16): Avis, Deep dish, Devito, False Start, Focker, Isner, Lefty, Lil Hurt, No-See-Um, Pinkey, Red Ryder (D Mack), Special K, Trebek, uga, Aldi - Downrange


I try to get down South to the Alpha once in a while and the HIM of Rubicon blessed me this morning with 15 men.  Aye!


WMH, WP, SSH, Good Mornings

The Thang:

Started with some Catch Me If You Can from the flag to the Baseball fields.  Partner up, P1 mosey's while P2 does 3 burpees, runs to catch up then flip. Had the board set up at the concession stand for some supersets and a little bit of running. Each set was 2 exercises. 7 reps of each, alternating back and forth, then 6 reps, 5 reps, 4...down to 1 then run to circle and back. Go to next set. to circle and back...etc. Burpees / BBSU Donkey Kicks / Jump Squats Mercans / Plank Jacks Step Ups / Bonnie Blairs Bodybuilders / Gas Pumpers Dercans / Mtn. Climbers Bench Squats / Groiners Wide Mercans / Dolly's Back to flag for flutters, box cutters, and LBC's


Chili Ruck this Sunday at 1pm Windward sports park over to Jekyll and back Santa Ruck coming soon, more details to follow on Slack Self defense class coming up -  Red Ryder for details Holiday prayers for everyone

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks to Aldi for coming down range from North Carolina So many awesome groups of F3 men within a short drive around the Atlanta area. It means a lot to me to get out and see PAX that I don't see often.  It really is an amazing organization.  I vow to get to more beatdowns in the Alpha region.  Huge thanks to the men of Rubicon for letting me come down and hopefully I gave them a good workout.  AYE!!

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