There’s always another cone

AO: Boneyard

When: 11/13/2023

QIC: Zohan

PAX (12): Bo Knows, Darkside, FannyPack, Feathers, Floater, Half-Dozen, Mater, Pigtails, Speedo, Trebek, Zohan, Shrimp (FNG)


Took the Q. Loaded my car with stuff. Picked up an FNG. Let’s go!!


A solid disclaimer given for our FNG.

Mosey in the parking lot with some Cornerback Drills on the parking lot’s lines.

Circle up for Weed Pickers, Imperial Walkers, Moroccan Night Clubs and Copper Head Squats.

The Thang:

Let the bodies hit the floor

Played the song Bodies. Modified the exercises a bit – A Hand Release Merkin when they say “let the bodies hit the floor” and Donkey Kicks in the air when they count.


Ring of Fire

Set up next to the flag – a 60lb sandbag, 2 cinders, 2 plates (30lb, 20lb).

Divided PAX to 6 pairs. First pair runs to the other side of the parking lot and back, then we all rotate positions. the other positions included: Kettle Bell swings with the cinders, 1 handed raises with the plates, Big Boy Sit-ups, Burpees/Sandbag Throws* and Mountain Climbers.

  • Burpees/Throws: One PAX does a burpee. the other PAX picks up the sandbag and throws it over its shoulder. Switch. Keep switching till rotation.

YHC was planning on a second round, but realized we won’t have time for the next part so called it off after we all did our first station a second time. Also realized I forgot to play the playlist. Gut feeling – this will be repeated in a future workout.



1 Cone (or is it?) was set at the top of a “hill” and another at the bottom. Each had 3 exercises listed

  • 10 Mahktar N’Diayes, 20 Squat Jumps, 30 LBCs
  • 10 Bonnie Blairs (alpha), 20 Shoulder Taps (alpha), 30 Monkey Humpers

Start with the first exercise at the top of the hill. Run to the bottom and do the first on the other cone. Rinse and repeat with the 2nd and 3rd.

The PAX planked for the 6 (read: Q) at the top, but YHC admonished them that they haven’t done yet any of the exercises on the cone. As if by magic the cone at the top had a different set of exercises, and of course same at the bottom.

  • 10 Big Boys, 20 SSH, 30 Mountain Climbers (alpha)
  • 10 Burpees, 20 Rosalita (4 count), 30 Annie Merkins

This time the gazelles realized there’s a 3rd set of cones and continued smoothly to the last set

  • 10 No Surrenders, 20 American Hammers (4 count), 30 Air Presses
  • 10 Absolutions, 20 Imperial Walkers, 30 Calf Raises

Note: Was this was the original intent? Not quite. YHC imagined escalating each cone (10, 10-20, 10-20-30). Would we have been able to do it and finish on time? Define time. Who said an F3 workout could only be 45 min mid-week? What’s wrong with 1 hour and 45 min? We were having such a good time, did it have to end? I guess it did.

We had to stop after the American Hammers and run back to the flag. Some gazelles did the air presses.  Mary at the flag with Box Cutters and American Hammers.


Named our FNG Shrimp. Cool/funny/embarrassing story!

Prayers for a friend who’s struggling in his marriage.

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