Hurt so Good

AO: Black Water

When: 2023-11-13

QIC: Mr. Hand

PAX (8): Cha-Ching, Hushpuppy, Mantooth, Mr. Hand, Package, Schneider, The Body, Whiz


Well I knew I would be out of town this past weekend ahead of time and what better way to hold my self accountable for showing up by signing up to Q today....I am glad I did.


Mosey to the water fountain, circle up for some: SSH, weed pickers, Willie Mayes Hayes, and Good Mornings. Mosey to the parking deck.

The Thang:

Focus was core and running. Ladder: start with first exercise at the bottom floor and add on to that exercise at each floor on the parking deck. Mosey and run(70%) every other incline going up the deck after the exercises. Mumble chatter was on point this morning. 10-American Hammers(Alpha) 15-Plank Jacks 20-Crunchy Frogs 25-LBC's 30-Flutter Kicks(Alpha) 35-Dieing Cock Roaches 40 second Plank On the way down the deck-deposit 5 burpees at each level Indian run the long way around to the flag for some Mary.


HP shared a story about his friend Matt who just passed away at 44, leaving behind a wife and four kids. Prayers for all of them. Bible Study starting tomorrow at Baskins house at 8pm. Hard stop at 9pm. 12/9-Santa Ruck and Christmas Party

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Pleasure to lead this morning fellas. We have a lot to be thankful for.

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