The Inaugural Beatdown

AO: School Of Rock

When: 2023-11-01

QIC: Dípstick

PAX (6): Deep dish, False Start, Irene, Stroller, Stu


First beatdown at the new 0.0 AO, so what better way to kick it off than with some thangs YHC picked up from the AO that got me interested in 0.0s to begin with - Atlas.


Quick mosey to warm up - it was 32 degrees, after all. Did some SSH, weed pickers, and imperial walkers, as well.

The Thang:

Part One - A trip around the parking lot with our cinders held high. Every 5th line, 7 OH presses until we approached the School. 50 bench presses. Head towards the townhomes. Every 5th line, 7 curls. At the end, 40 flutter kicks with the cinders held high. Rifle carry to the back side of the parking lot. 30 squats. Turn towards the flag, every 5th line, twist the cinder around your head (not sure there's a name for that). Also, this time, we lunge walked the whole way to the flag. 20 skull crushers at the flag. Part Two - Three stations. Rotate when Station One is done.
  • S1 Round 1 - 20 clean + press
  • S2 Round 1 - LBC's
  • S3 Round 1 - Cindy Rows
  • S1 Round 2 - 15 clean + squat
  • S2 Round 2 - Flutter kicks
  • S3 Round 2 - Cindy Curls
  • S1 Round 3 - 10 clean + squat + press
  • S2 Round 3 - Freddie Mercurys
  • S3 Round 3 - Cindy Swings
Part Three - Mary, pax led. One pax would farmer carry two cinders across part of the parking lot. Upon their return, we switched exercises. Time!


It's great to be out with cinders again! So thankful for the push to stand this up and the suggestion to use Academy's location. It's a great spot!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I sure hope someone can help with a better graphic for the AO...

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