AO: Nirvana

When: 2023-11-04

QIC: Tank

PAX (5): Pinkey, Shortcake, Special K, turkey


Cold day in November


Side straddle weed picker windmill arm circles

The Thang:

With the Qs birthday around the corner, we doubled the 43 to 86 for 4 different exercises. 2 laps run 86 4 count flutter kicks—10 burpees 50 hand release push ups—-10 burpees 2 laps 86 big boys—10 burpees 86 incline mercans—10 burpees 2 laps Move to 4 corners with Coupon 10 WWIII 20 Goblet squats 20 Decline mercans 20 thrusters 10 man-makers 1 lap—rinse and repeat till time  


Prayers for Dosido, and other F3 personnel, and family.  Praise for Turkey’s M, and Shortcake brother in law.   convergence on Nov 11

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