Mr Bigglesworth is not amused

AO: Firehouse

When: 2023-11-02

QIC: Seaman

PAX (5): Better Call Saul, Closets closets closets, LifeLock VPN, Lightweight, Seaman


I rolled in and saw Closets closets closets getting some PR done.  Good job sir.


Disclaimer and some warm up things Morrocan Night Clubs Chinooks Hillbillies Willy Mays Hays Weedpickers

The Thang:

We did a Dora coupon BD We partnered up, and as usual had an odd number of Pax, so Lightweight did a bit extra. One partner would carry a coupon, (farmer carry, rifle carry, etc.) down the hill and back while the partner did some exercises until they reached the prescribed number of reps. Coupon calf raises - 50 Curls - 100 Skull Crushers - 150 Coupon Press - 200 Coupon Squats - 250 We had some time left over for 6MOM We did some of the following: Mario Kart J-Lo's American Hammers Leg Raises two other things I cannot recall until time.      


Prayers for the pax Acceleration point:  Be Prepared.  For example, be prepared to dress for 29 degree weather in November when it was 80 degrees on Sunday.

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