Mount St. Jorts and the 💩🕳️➰🕳️

AO: Galaxy

When: 2023-11-02

QIC: Drain Hole

PAX (11): Abacus (Mark Green), Blue, Fenway, Jorts, Sparky, Spirit Fingers, Steamer, Tweaker, Wideright, Yearn


After a recent trip to Utah, YHC wanted to enlighten my fellow PAX with some new cultural references I'd acquired during the trip. What better way to accomplish this than on a brisk morning run to Mount St. Jorts?


  • 10x SSH
  • 10x Copperhead Squats
  • 10x Finkle Swings (5 & 5)
  • 10x Bear Hugs
  • 10x Weedpickers
  • Mosey to Mt. St. Jorts while accomplishing the following tasks:
    • Lunge walks across the bridge
    • Merkins (15x - Alpha)
    • Kung Flus (10x)

The Thang:

Once we arrived to the base of Mount St. Jorts, it was time for YHC to lay out the BD:
  • 11's (burpees at the top.. burpees at the bottom)
    • I am not a smart man, but I know what a burpee is....
  • Bernie Sanders to the top
  • Casual jog (soft 'j') down
We performed this activity until approximately five minutes was left. Then we ran back to ECP, finishing burpees with the 6 all the way back (counted down from 7 to 1) at random intervals on our way to the circle.


Let's remember our brothers, our HIMs, our families, our friends. Everyone needs someone. The struggling families, the current world crisis, and everything in between. Keep one foot in front of the other.

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