Planes, Trains, Automobiles!

AO: Black Widow

When: 2023-10-28

QIC: ShuttleCock

PAX (16): Darkside, DeLorean, Dinghy, G String, Jackalope/Bayside, Mater, McEnroe, Meatball, Roundup, Saint2O, Skip-pe, Speedo, TURK, Zohan, Corner Kick, FNG - Microchip


Looks like the usual super humans were at it again - Zohan, Speedo + maybe 1 other !


Some interesting vocals on the warm up… VQ Shuttlecock used his Carisma to bring some heat to the warmup!

The Thang:

ok, off to “that hill” ….partner up, grab a coupon and get crackin’ at a good mixture of weights and no-weights —- alternating between partners and uphill runs. Good intensity - culminating in a 5 second Bernie and 5 second plank (UPHILL!!!) . The crew pretty much finished my planned workouts in 40 mins flat, so Delorean added some spice with additional ‘opportunities’.    


Good to see a FNG - @roundup really is living up to his reputation.

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