There’s no such thing as too much core

AO: Grindstone

When: 2023-10-27

QIC: Snake

PAX (6): Bill Dance, Corn Dog, Omaha, Snake, Spit Valve, Vanna


Warmish October morning with a full moon shining over Grindstone


1/2 mile mosey through dark trail
Good Morning
Copperhead squats
Willie mays hays
Sun gods

The Thang:

merkin mile - alternating 10 Merkins or 10 plank jacks for each light pole
Mosey to Field
Thor - 1/4 ratio of Big Boy Sit-ups to American Hammer up to 10/40
After 6/24 Q called an audible and moved on to 4 corners
4 Corners
Start and end with 5 burpees plus 5 in between each exercise
Makhtar N’Dyaie - 10
Star jumps - 20
Mountain climbers - 30
Lbcs - 40
Mosey to Benches - 20 each
step ups, dips, incline merkins
another set with 15 each
Mosey to Coupon pile - 25 each
Curls, row, oh press
Mosey to flag with just a few minutes left for Mary
crunchy frog


Storm anniversary tomorrow upcoming events in December for Santa Ruck and PAX + M’s holiday dinner prayers for Scampi, Whiz, Jugdish and Crab Cake running 100 milers and Inseam and Valley Girl putting in high miles to pace them.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great day to get a little better!

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