Ultimate Rugby

AO: Galaxy

When: 2023-10-26

QIC: New Coke

PAX (15): Abacus (Mark Green), Blue, Fenway, Forest, Jorts, New Coke, Percy, Sparky, Spirit Fingers, Steamer, Wideright, Yearn, Frannie, Fastball, Rollie Pollie


Dynamic warm up lunges, quad pull, Spider-Man’s, calf pulse, 1 knee sprints x2  

The Thang:

All pax were split into two groups; a slow group and a fast group and did an Indian run passing the rugby ball around the big loop of the park. the slow group ran a short loop Indian run passing the ball back, once they finished they completed 20 squat jumps and 20 side shuttle hops while they waited for the fast group to finish. we then mosied up to the parking lot where we split into 3 groups of five and ran 40 yards down and back passing the rugby ball down and back the lines. Repeats X3. Drill number 1 four corners passing running in the middle of the square and passing left and right to another pax, for 3 minutes. Second set for every dropped pass all pax had to complete 5 merkins (15 in total), we repeated again and dropped 4 balls and did 20 squat jumps. we went back to 5 passing lanes and for every ball dropped during round 1 all pac did 10 Stone mountains (20), and 3rd round 20 jump squats Lastly we split into 2 teams and played ultimate rugby for the remaining 20 minutes. First team to 5 scores ended the game and we all completed 10 burpees 1st round  and 20 split lunges alpha count

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