SK Halloween BD III

AO: Starting Line

When: 2023-10-25

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (4): Aunt May, Script Kiddie, Seaman, Sirmixalot


Noted that the Q Sheet had an open slot and with Halloween quickly approaching and me not being able to do my Halloween BD last year it was time to do the Halloween BD round III. Got there at 5 and had to tote all the stuff in, 3 cinders, the speaker, so that would definitely suffice as a Pre-?? as I was nearing the end of my setup and a realization that there was no Java in the usual spot, so no Java this morning, now if that is not scary, I do not know what is, lol. Seaman arrived on the scene with his cinder and Aunt May soon followed, with SirMixalot arriving just in time to star the Mosey,sadly no Jolt this morning but hopefully he will be back in the gloom soon. Mosey Time!!


Ran to the usual spot to start the fun Weed pickers Wiley Mayes Hayes Copperhead Squats Don Quixote Walkers Moroccan Night clubs Michael Phelps OYO "But SK no SSHs?", glad you ask and those will occur

The Thang:

No mosey need we were at the starting point so I laid out the plan Acronym time S SSH 40 C Cinder Curls 40 A Around the worlds 20 R Reverse LBCs 30 E Elf on the shelves 10/10 D Dying cockroach 30 Long mosey along the loop the on to..... R.E.D.R.U.M./M.U.R.D.E.R. R – Raven Merkins (10) – this is my own evil creation and its a 3 merkin exercise (Wide merkin, Dianond merkin, Ranger merkin) E- E2ks(15 each leg) D – Derkins – done using the cinder blocks(30) R – Run the short lap of the trail U – Upright Rows, using the cinder blocks(30) M – Murder bunnies 10 in the grass And now we reverse it and spell M-U-R-D-E-R M – Murder bunnies, in reverse, back to where we started U – Upright Rows (30) R – Rosalitas(30) D- Derkins, with cinder blocks(30) E – E2k(15 each side) R – Reverse Lunges (30 Alpha count) That ended Thangs but we had time for one more Thang Everest Mosey to the steps step up and do 1 calf raise on the step, then step up again, doing  calf raise at each step till we got to the longer landing/half way up 5 burpees- I think at this point they were getting afraid of the fact that we may not do any burpees Contained to step and calf raise till the top and finish with 5 more burpees Time to Mosey back to the pavilion And we air chaired till the time was done.


Announcements Convergence coming up on November 11th, and Discussion on whether to keep the Starting Line open on that day? Prayer Request For Suarez's M as she recovers from surgery For PAX and others looking for work Continued health and healing for Sir Mixalot and for Aunt May and his family as they recover from COVID. Acceleration point Encouragement to not let the lower temps cause PAX to fartsack, we get better by being consistent on good and bad/cold and hot mornings Constancy and perseverance is the key. Seaman made a comment about something but do not want to say since the Illuminati may be listening, oh crap I mentioned Illuminati..... Nevermind. Ended in pray and on to star the day

Naked-Man Moleskin:

No Java today, plus Aunt May and I needed to head out right after the BD. I am thankful for every chance I get to be around High Impact Men like these, and see that even when life throws them situations that are hard, they still get in the gloom and work on getting stronger/better.  Thank you to each of the men at the BD/F3 as a whol Now time to start the day.

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