Jacobs Ladder

AO: The Bound

When: 2023-10-25

QIC: Training wheels

PAX (23): Biebs, Birdie, Cookie, G String, Ha-ha, MillerTime, Nacho Libre, Scampi, Stu, Training wheels, Tricycle (Mike Stolorena), Tsunami, Zohan, Bowser fng, LIV fng, Double Dribble fng, Yellowstone, Moose, Ant bait, Whitewater, Agent Smith, Lasso, ABC,


Good morning everybody. Welcome to F3 My name is [TrainingWheels] and I'll be your Q for today. 1. We are free of charge, never any fees. 2. We are open to all men. No matter what. You are welcome here. 3. Held outdoors hot or cold, rain or shine. We Do This. 4. We are peer led on a rotating basis and encourage every man to lead. 5. Ends with [COT] Always ends with a circle of trust.


For the warm-up we took a short mosey over to the basketball court and everybody circled up and we started off with Side straddle hops, Wind mills, Freddie Mercury's, Rosalitas  and finished with Monkey humpers.

The Thang:

After the warm-up, we jumped into  The Thang, which was inspired by Jacobs Ladder. I set the magic number at [11] and we dropped off [1] rep on each set after the last exercise was completed. Our first exercise was the [Burpees] then we [Lunge walked] for about [25] yards where everybody was given a choice of either [push-ups] or [pull-ups] before continuing over to the cones I had set up in front of Harden Hall and doing [Alligator merkins] or [Bear crawls] almost [30] feet before a quick round of [LBC'S] and a short jog to the wall at the back of the dining hall, where we did our last exercise [Donkey kicks] to finish up our set....


In our [COT] we offered encouragement to Scampi for his charitable efforts, and to recognize the [100 miles of madness] he is no doubt going to achieve. We also said a prayer for my youngest sons mother to seek help with her addiction and that the children would be safe in her presence. I thanked [God] for the opportunity to be able to be out there with each other under [His] roof, to push ourselves and fellowship and that each man would get the most out of their time at [NLB].

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I cant express my gratitude enough to the guys of F3. Ever since I came into [NLB] I was supported and respected for who I am and always challenged and encouraged to push myself and see what Im capable of, which has helped me in ways that I am still just figuring out. I was nervous and excited when [Ha-Ha] asked me to Q. I still need to work on my count. Its not as easy as [the pros] make it look. My hat goes off to the guys of [F3]. I look forward to my next chance to Q.

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